Here are some samples of books I am working on or have finished.
  • Homes [sample] - A grouchy dwarf is thrust into exile and war -- available at ShorelessSkies.com!
  • Good Heart [sample- An American cowboy finds himself crossed with dangerous spirits in turn-of-the-century Andalusia -- also available in print from Shoreless Skies!
  • The Brightly [sample] - Airships and floating cities in tomhe Middle East following the First World War. Unfinished NaNoWriMo entry.
  • Dragonboy [sample] - A comic I started writing for my friend Tyler, currently on hold but with big plans for the future.

Tabletop roleplaying games and story games. For more, please visit ShorelessSkies.com

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse - The the ENnie award winning tabletop roleplaying game of mice and their motorcycle clubs!

The Dig - The Dig is my first game, and my first published book! My friend Jacob did the art and it is available via my publishing company, Shoreless Skies. It is set in the world of the Homes and is a light roleplaying game.

Coal & Parchment - A little setting supplement I wrote for Quill by Trollish Delver.

Against the Dark Yogi: The Amitra Gemstone - An adventure for the Against the Dark Yogi line that I wrote for Tab Creations.

Pip System Corebook - A great core rule book from Third Eye Games, in which I co-wrote some chapters.

Capers - Supers in Prohibition America, by NerdBurger Games. Coming soon!

General thoughts on games:

    Short stories, poetry, and essays pop up on my blog all the time. Below are some of my favorites.